Dr. Redmon's "NOPOP DC" license plate
Frequently Asked Questions

What does Dr. Redmon's license plate mean?
Since there is no audible popping during an Activator adjustment, Dr. Redmon coined the phrase NOPOP. "DC" means Doctor of Chiropractic.

Why do I have to wear secure footwear/shoes for my appointment?
Activator Methods Low Force Technique begins with a leg length analysis. Secure footwear assists Dr. Redmon in determining any leg length inequality, which is the key to Activator Methods. The inequality of your leg length determines the areas that need to be adjusted. So, no flip flops, please.

Will I need to get undressed?
No, your street clothes are fine, but you may need to remove a heavy, wide belt or a jacket or bulky sweater. If you need Dr. Redmon to look at your knees you should wear shorts or very loose pants.

What is the difference between Activator Methods Low Force Technique and regular chiropractic?
Activator Methods is safe and gentle and the instrument used for adjustments delivers the same controlled force each time. This force can be modified for different areas of the body i.e. neck or back. There is no twisting or popping or odd postures or positioning.

What if I can't climb on the treatment table?
You won't need to climb! Dr. Redmon has an Activator Table that makes it easy. You will be lowered into the correct position while standing.

Will I need x-rays?
Dr. Redmon does not routinely require x-rays. If he suspects a fracture or other abnormality, he will refer you to Radiology Medical Group or your primary physician.

How many times will I have to come back for treatment?
Dr. Redmon does not set his patients up for prolonged treatment programs, but instead treats each patient individually. Follow-up care is based on your response to treatment.

Do you sell Biofreeze at your office?
Yes, roll-on Biofreeze is available.

Do you accept Medicare and Medi-Cal?
Yes, Dr. Redmon is a provider for Medicare. Some Medicare HMOs require prior authorization; with straight Medicare no referral is required. Dr. Redmon is also a provider for Medi-Cal, but in July 2009 the state of California discontinued chiropractic care for adults. Children can still receive chiropractic care, but their individual plans often require prior authorization.

What are the five most dangerous words?
“Maybe it will go away.” Do not wait too long for your back or neck pain to go away. You often have a more speedy recovery when you seek care earlier rather than later.

What kind of payment do you accept?
Dr. Redmon accepts cash, check, and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover).


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